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Question 1:
I’m in college right now, and I don’t live far enough off-campus to warrant catching the bus. At the same time, it’s a pretty lengthy and boring walk. Have any suggestion that could make this better?

Game time! Just because you are in big boy school now doesn’t mean that you still can’t let your imagination run wild to eradicate the boring out of a situation.

  • Quick question: How do you feel about mysterious, heartfelt blues music and classic detectives? If you answered anything other than yes or have any feelings of uncertainty, prepare to be jazzed. You are going to procure a bunch of blues music, load it on to a mobile player, and blast it to set that smoking alley feel. Now, start your walk. Remember that you solve cases now, and the Don wants your head after you schmoozed his main squeeze on your last…

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8 Things Happy Couples Don’t Do

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James Michael Sama

Sometimes, building a solid healthy relationship isn’t just about what partners do, but what they don’t do.

Here are 8 things that you won’t find in the habits of happy couples.


Discourage each other.

Two people who love and care for each other would never attempt to discourage their partner or hold them back in life. They encourage and support each other when it comes to chasing after goals and dreams.

Holding someone else back while in a relationship will only lead to resentment in the long run – ironically, loosening your grip often keeps someone closer.

Play mind games.

Even something as simple as “how long do I wait before I call?” goes out the window when you’re with the right person who is mature and understands you. Call when you want to call, text when you want to text. There will be no games or manipulation when building…

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Why I Recommend Holabyss Doorstep Massage Service in Singapore

Living in the modern century, time is money. We think about cash more than everything else. We have to have the cash to pay our bills, our kids and many more other things. Have you realize that we need health just as much so as to work efficiently. As dollars became most of our main concern, we tend to forget about taking care of our body. Ignoring the requirements and condition of our body will result in us to have problems working or even going for walks. in the busy world we live in, these factors are essential to guarantee that we are always in top condition when doing our daily activities.


Typical issues that people will experience is discomfort and aches around the body. Usually the lower back, neck and shoulder. Many might even have migraines and headaches because of unnecessary stress. These aspects are really standard specifically for those individuals who work in the office on a regular basis. They normally spend several hours utilizing the computers and rarely leave their seats. This will apply plenty of pressure on your back and would likely cause harm to the posture, leading to lower back pain and muscle aches. These aches and pains ranges on the significance of the damage done, some could be episodic while others could be continuous. There are solutions that can help repair such scenarios. When diagnosed early, severe aches and pains could possibly be avoided and actions could be taken without delay. Working very long hours in the office will likely to escalate strain levels be it from work or home. Keeping a healthy mindset is also crucial in being healthy.

These pains, better known as Chiropractic will have an affect on any individual on a long-term basis. Here in Singapore, there are organizations where professionals, also known as Chiropractors are more than willing to investigate into any injuries or discomfort that an person may have problems with. These discomfort should not be taken casually and treatments must be carried out right away. A good example of an company that are experts in Chiropractic is Holabyss.



They have taken initiatives by improving their technologies and can effortlessly detect any bone misplacements or aches that demands treatment. They have excellent customer service and will without delay deal with any problems faced. In the working world nowadays, several have suffered from lower back pain, shoulder pain, joint diseases and eve arthritis. These postural complications can be taken care of when detected early and these professionals are more than capable to provide their help. Scoliosis could also be a problem for some, and Holabyss seem to put emphasis on their customers wellness and offer any help they are able to offer.

With superb customer service and a great deal of knowledge, Holabyss have taken a step higher to help those with postural problems. This shows how they find every customer important and have exceeded expectations of some. – Singapore Doorstep Massage


Pooping in Korea

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Until I started to work with kids, I never realised how seriously I could take pooping. Sure, I used to keep a mental list of all the cleanest public bathrooms in Newcastle, just incase the need arose. And of course, I always made sure to go to the bathroom before seeing a movie, even if I didn’t feel the need. But going to the toilet was never an obsession that would be on my mind all day, every day.

I’m positive I’m not the only person in the world that enjoys using the toilet. It’s the perfect escape. A place that’s always quiet, where you can sit back and relax with a good book. You can take your time, forget all of life’s problems and just bask in the moment. Sometimes you can literally feel a weight being lifted from you. Best of all, the bathroom is a private place, where…

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What Is Normal? Thoughts on Social Change.

Emily L. Hauser - In My Head

I was reminded of this post today and decided to re-up it. Because why not?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the broad American social struggle of the past 60-odd years, about what ties the whole messy package together. I’ve been thinking about how for the vast majority of human history, men have ruled the roost, but only men of a certain socio-economic standing — something that has varied from culture to culture (much as the ethnicity, religion, and geographical seat of these men has varied), but has always translated to “power.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about how, in this country, in this time, when white, Christian men of a certain socio-economic standing (and heteronormative identity) complain that something is being ripped from their hands, that order hangs in the balance, they’re right.

They’re right, because ever since the dawn of the Civil Rights movement (or, in fact…

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Get Inspired: Blog Ideas for 2014

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The Blog

Write more. Paint more. Photograph more. 

Do something amazing. Go down a different path.

Challenge myself. 

New year’s resolutions — you might make ’em, or you may think they’re trite and a waste of time. Whatever the case, you’re here, aren’t you? Exploring, contemplating your next blog post, and scheming up 2014. We closed out 2013 with a showcase of year-long, daily, and weekly projects, so let’s brainstorm ways, big and small, to get your work out into the world in 2014.

Think big

the wanderers

Photographer and writer Stephanie Dandan at Infinite Satorisets off for Asia soon to work on a photo storybook called The Wanderers. Traveling solo, Stephanie will meet other explorers on her journey and tell their stories. She lays out her project on Kickstarter, and its design aesthetic — and her nomadic and adventurous spirit — echo the work she publishes on her blog.

But thinking…

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Massages in Singapore can be over-rated

I have to be honest; living in an Asian country like Singapore, there are really too many massage parlours or spas here that are all out to spoil you and then rip off your wallet. In contempt of the massage splendour , they have made me spent thousand of dollars each time i get successfully brainwashed by their massage-therapist-turned-sales-marketer to sign up for a spa treatment package that i eventually never get to finish up the credits.  And to be honest, the service consistency seems to drop drastically after my credit card’s been swiped by them.  Sometimes if im lucky, i get assigned some  lackluster massage therapist who seems to be ‘hand-pulling’ chinese noodles than working on my knots.

massage is the answer

Not that i don’t enjoy having a massage. On the contrary, i am addicted to it. If there’s any way  i can squeeze in some time  for a massage in-between my baking sessions at home, trust me; I WILL DIE FOR IT.  Until recently, while i was on google, an ad caught my attention.


HOME MASSAGE DELIVERY? HELL YEA! Now i can have my massage in-between my baking sessions! AND I don’t have to travel anywhere but bed afterwards. Bliss indeed!

If you have not heard about Holabyss – Singapore Doorstep Massage company, you are in for some excellent news! They are a company that provides distinct personal services for you like no other.  This mobile massage company is all about you and your perfect massage. Their motto is “We just want you to have a massage wherever you are”. And I like the sound of that already!

Holabyss is a unique  doorstep massage service in Singapore. My appointment is immediately confirmed and payment made online is really easy. My booking is all set right when I schedule it. If you want a massage today, you can have one today!

All you have to do is call or book online at for a all at home massage service.

If you have had a massage before, you definitely would know what to expect. BUT, if you have not tried a massage, you are going to love Holabyss. They will come to your home with their massage bed in tow, towels and massage oil are all provided and professional masseurs and masseuses will cater to your massage needs.  Here’s some examples;



Unlike other mobile massage companies in the Singapore area they do what they say; they give legitimate massages.  Holabyss has hired massage specialists who are ready to give a customized, personalized and professional massage. You can feel at ease with them when they come to your home.

Sorry folks, no happy endings if that’s what you’re thinking of. Holabyss are adamant about their massage services and immediate termination of the session will ensue if you engages in illicit or sexually suggestive remarks or behaviour.
If the session is terminated due to your inappropriate behaviour, you are responsible for yourself, my friend.

All you have to do is call or book online at for an all at home massage service. They have 4 different styles in their menu and all prices are Nett.

You are going to love having a doorstep massage with Holabyss in Singapore. Book when you want and they will be there.  Get ready to have a great home massage experience today!